Leverage Ratio

Our leverage ratio plays nice with most shocks on the market. It is “linear progressive” with no dips, hooks, or drastic changes that can make shock tuning difficult. The leverage ratio was designed to work well with both coil and air shocks.

Axle Path

With a little over 20mm of rearward travel the Contra MC’s axle path strikes a good balance between square-edge bump absorption and small bump sensitivity.


Finely tuned anti-squat curves help the Contra MC pedal efficiently with very little unwanted suspension movement under power. The percentage of anti-squat at sag is very similar regardless of the gear you are in. This consistency of anti-squat creates predictable pedaling performance.


Anti-rise sits below 95% at sag for a good balance of stability without becoming too harsh. This helps to counter the chassis pitching forward under hard braking while still giving good grip through the bumps.